2016-2017 Catalog

Section Updates and/or Changes

While every possible step has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the catalog, sometimes minor changes must be made throughout the year that are in the interest of the students or the College. These are the updates and/or changes made to the online catalog sections after the publication of the 2016-2017 catalog.

Section Updates and/or Changes:

8/31/16 - Academic Policies and Procedures/Standards of Academic Progress/Academic standards and alert system/Academic observation  pg. 35

The underlined sentence was added to clarify that AO students must work with a counselor: 

Academic observation: status when students return after suspension or dismissal. Intervention: Registration holds are placed on students’ records. Students desiring to enroll after suspension or dismissal are required to meet with an advocacy or DSS counselor and request re-admission.  If the request is granted, the advocacy or DSS counselor places the student in academic observation status. While on academic observation status the student is expected to work with the advocacy or DSS counselor for subsequent enrollment until they have returned to good standing. The counselor is authorized to impose reasonable restrictions on students’ subsequent enrollment.


9/13/16 - Table of Contents   pg. 3

Under the heading Program Requirements, add Construction Education, page 104.


10/10/16 - Refund Policies/Credit Courses   pg. 23

The tuition refund modeler is no longer being used. This section has been changed to read:  

An official schedule change that reduces or terminates a student’s credit load may entitle the student to a refund. The eligibility and amount of a refund is automatically calculated by the date of the withdrawal. Students can find the last day to drop a class with no charge by selecting the important dates link next to their class in the credit class schedule. Through 11:59 p.m. of the listed date, there is no charge for the dropped class. After this date, the student is charged 100% for the dropped class.   

Students who feel individual circumstances warrant exceptions from this policy may file a records action appeal. Instructions for this appeal are online at https://www.mccneb.edu/Prospective-Students/Resources/Student-Services-SOS/Records/RAAP-Records-Action-Appeal-Process.aspx.

Students are responsible for dropping the course(s) if unable to attend. Non-attendance does not relieve students from the obligation to pay.


11/17/16 - Ombudsperson  pg. 372

The original section titled Ombudsperson has been deleted and replaced with the following: 

Processes for Addressing Concerns of Students, Employees, and Members of the Public; Legal Compliance Officer; College Ombudsperson

College students, employees, and members of the public who wish to report suspected wrongdoing, share a concern, lodge a complaint or seek guidance in navigating College policies and procedures may refer to Board of Governors Policy 10801 and College Procedures Memorandum X-14.

To report suspected criminal wrongdoing contact the MCC Police Department at 531-622-2222, or contact any other law enforcement agency with jurisdiction.

To report suspected non-criminal wrongdoing – such as suspected mismanagement of public funds or actions creating a substantial and significant danger to the health or safety of any individual or the security of public property – contact the College Legal Compliance Officer, James R. Thibodeau, Associate Vice President for Compliance and General Counsel, at 531-622-2428.

For assistance handling unresolved concerns (such as academic grades, student aid, discipline, and so forth), redress of grievances, and assistance with navigating College policies and procedures, contact the College Ombudsperson at 531-622-8030, or email concerns to ombudsperson@mccneb.edu.

Individuals making reports may remain anonymous to the extent possible, and will not be subject to retaliation or reprisal. Employees and students and who knowingly make false or bad faith reports may be subject to disciplinary action.