Student Handbook 2018-2019

Fundraising-Solicitation Policy

The MGH Institute of Health Professions abides by the MGH and PHS No Solicitation and No Distribution policies, which prohibit individual members of the community from soliciting or distributing fundraising appeals or materials to other employees or students. Specifically, they may not solicit or distribute any literature or other material to employees or students, to raise funds for charitable and other causes, or to promote or advertise a particular cause. In order to prevent disruption and assure a productive work and academic environment, it is the Institute’s policy to prohibit unauthorized solicitation of individuals and/or distribution of materials on its premises. This policy applies to faculty, staff, administrators, students, visitors, and guests.


“Solicitation” refers to persuasion to secure an individual’s agreement to join or support an endeavor or an organization or to purchase products or services.

“Distribution” refers to the dissemination, posting of flyers, brochures, email and other written materials promoting products, services or an endeavor, organization or cause.

Fundraising by IHP Student Organizations

Only recognized student organizations may fund raise. This may include: joining or supporting an endeavor or an organization; purchasing products or services for resale; promoting or advertising for a particular cause; subsidizing student professional development activities excluding credit bearing courses. All activities must receive advance approval from the Office of Student and Alumni Services (OSAS) to conduct any such activities, whether they are on or off-campus.  

Fundraising activities may benefit an outside organization/company/foundation only if it aligns with the purpose and goals of the student organization and/or with the mission of the Institute.

Student organizations must follow the application process below: 

  • Request permission in writing at least 10 business days in advance from the Dean of Student and Alumni Services (or the Dean’s designee) via the Student Organization Fundraising Request Form. She/he reserves the right to approve or deny any fundraising activity requests. The review process will take into account:
    • That all solicitations or distributions align with the purpose and goals of the student organization and/or with the mission of the Institute.
    • The calendar of other fundraising activities at the Institute.
    • Space availability during the requested date and time of the fundraiser.

If the application is approved, the following applies:

  • Literature must be appropriately marked as authorized by OSAS before being posted or distributed. Send all literature to the Student Life email for approval.
  • Direct solicitation via one-on-one interaction, email or distribution of solicitation materials to faculty, staff, administrators, alumni or students is not permitted; however, OSAS approved solicitations or distributions may be announced through the Daily News, iTV, and IHP sanctioned social media sites.
  • Solicitation or distribution is prohibited in classrooms, labs, clinical settings and other work and learning areas.
  • Failure to comply with this policy will result in the cancellation of any fundraising activity and the status of the student organization will be subject for review. Student organizations must report the amount of funds raised to OSAS via the Money Drop Form at the close of the fundraiser.
  • All funds must be given to OSAS within 2 business days after collection.


OSAS may permit student organizations to engage in selected solicitations or distributions, as described below:

  • General Fundraising
    • On-campus fundraising includes conducting drawings, collecting donations, and selling of goods and/or services.
    • Off-campus fundraising includes soliciting merchants or foundations and corporations, for contributions in and of themselves, or in return for an advertisement or service. 
    • All funds raised must go to the designated organization or charity and none may be retained for personal benefit.
    • Lists of parents, alumni or students will not be made available for solicitations.
  • Gambling/Raffles
    • Raffles, defined as a lottery in which a number of persons purchase one or more chances to win a prize, are subject to approval by OSAS.
    • In accordance with Massachusetts state law, an organization may not require purchase by any person to be entered into its raffle drawing, and a sign must be present at the point of sale stating that while the purchase of a ticket is not required, a donation is welcome in support of the fundraiser.
    • Soliciting for ticket sales on campus anywhere other than a designated table is against Institute policies and will not be permitted. 
  • Sales on Campus
    • The sale or promotion of goods and services by a student organization on campus requires the approval of OSAS.
    • Perishable goods that must be refrigerated or reheated are not permitted to be sold on campus due to public health concerns. 
    • Events
      • Student organizations may host events such as speaking engagements, performances or concerts, etc.; however, the collection of entry or admission fees for is not permitted.
      • Drawings for door prizes awarded to individuals present are allowable. 
      • Entry fees, and cash awards for events that involve an element of chance such as a raffle, a card tournament, or a casino night, are prohibited by both Institute policy and state statutes.